GlycoBioSciences Inc. (“Glyco”) announces an additional patent infringement law suit.

GlycoBioSciences Inc. (“Glyco”) announces that in addition to the patent infringement law suit filed in Canada against Johnson and Johnson (Canada) Inc. (J&J), Glyco on April 19, 2023 also filed a law suit (complaint), against Johnson and Johnson Inc. in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, against Johnson and Johnson Inc., claiming the infringement by several of J&J’s Neutrogena brand products of Glyco’s US Patents, 9,821,005 and 10,322,142.

The case number assigned to the case is Case 8:23-cv-01062-DLB and Glyco’s long term US Intellectual Property attorney Joseph Zito of the law firm DNL Zito, is representing Glyco in the matter.